Product Benefits

Increasingly strict environmental requirements and rising electrical prices make it more important than ever to choose construction materials which are environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. Masonite Beams are unique based on the simple fact that the raw material can be utilised so efficiently. Up to 80 % of the tree`s volume is used. The I-profile of the beams minimises thermal bridging and requires less raw material. The result is lower energy costs and thus lower living costs.

The environmental burden and the utilisation of resources are kept to an absolute minimum by using reduced timber dimensions. Sawmill by-products are also utilised for production. Therefore, naturel resources are used more efficiently. As energy costs increase, the energy and environmental benefits of timber-besed I-beams have become increasingly obvious.

Our products provide a number of economical and technical benefits in comparison with alternative materials:

Standard lengths of up to 12m, with the possibility of producing lengths of up to 18m.

The products are manufactured from carefully selected construction timber and special panel material.

Significantly lower weight in comparison with conventional construction timber makes the products easy to handle.

An advantage of glued components is minimal warping and shringage due to moisture.

Energy benefits
Superior thermal efficiency thanks to minimal thermal bridging. Thermal bridging, and thus heat loss, is reduced with the use of Masonite Beams products in comparison with traditional construction materials.

Environmental benefits
The environmental burden and resource utilisation are minimised by using reduced timber dimensions. Resources are used effectively in Masonite Beams products. Significantly less natural resources are required than with traditional timber beams..

Simple drilling for easier installation
Installation is made easier with simple drilling through the thin rib. Drilling holes in the Masonite Beams ribs is quick and easy. If desired, the beams can also be supplied with pre-drilled holes. This saves time and money, because fitters can work more efficiently with shorter wiring runs and fewer pipe bends.

Customised products with short construction time
Masonite Beams products can be adapted to customer requirements for length, mitre cuts, insulation, hole-drilling, etc. We pre-fabricate the product to the furthest possible extent in order to save time at the construction site. The beams are also easy to handle, thanks to the low weight. As a result, projects can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

No readjustments
Since masonite Beams products maintain their shape and do not warp, costly readjustments can be eliminated. Over time, warped beams can cause problems such as creaky floord, leaks, etc. When using Masonite Beams products, the customer does not have to worry about making such adjustments.

Type approved and inspected
Masonite Beams lightweight beams and joists are type apporved in Sweden and many other European countries. Production inspection takes place through accredited control bodies.

ISO certified
Construction and production certified in accordance with SS-EN ISO 9001 and SS-EN ISO 14001.




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