A roof constructed with I-beams from Masonite Beams is a highly cost-efficient alternative for creating well-insulated structures. I-beams in combination with functional adaptations such as rafters, overhangs, angles and nail plates in the case of visible eaves rafters, give great flexibility of roof design.

Strong and long
Beam heights of up to 500mm make it possible to cover great spans, even with heavy snow loads. High beam heights also enable roof constructions with very good insulation, and I-beams are thus very well-suited for roofs in low-energy and passive houses.

Light on the structure
The low weight of I-beams is beneficial for roof construction. The low weight also entails lower transport costs and a reduced need for large cranes on construction sites. One person can easily carry a beam that is 250mm high, 10m long, and weighs 31kg. The weight of a comparable homogeneous wooden beam is 66kg.




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