75% less heat loss

Walls constructed with Masonite Beams I-beams provide good construction efficiency and outstanding energy characteristics, because our beams only allow minimal thermal bridging with the supporting layer, which is simultaneously an insulating layer. Good energy values are thereby achieved with a relatively thin wall. Therefore, I-beams are very well-suited for low-energy and passive houses.

Studies have shown that the use of I-beams reduces heat loss due thermal bridging by approximately 75% and that the average U-value is 15% lower than with conventional timber structures. For a house with a timber beam frame, the total energy consumption is reduced by 7% simply by using I-beams instead of traditional solid beams.        

20% increased construction efficiency

Masonite Beams studs are straight and dimensionally stable. At the same time, construction work is simplified, because the studs can be manufactured in widths of up to 400mm. Therefore, structures with studs that are layered in order to achieve a thick and well-insulated wall can be avoided.

Products that are adapted for specific functions and proven designs result in overall construction efficiency with minimal material waste. The result is a 20% reduction of work time for the construction of a wall with I-beams in comparison with traditional solid studs.


65% less raw material for a sustainable environment

Since our I-beams utilise small dimensions, approximately 65% less raw material is used in comparison with solid construction beams. At the same time, our wood-based I-beam has very low emissions.



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