Masonite Beams

Masonite Beams manufactures and sells modern, customised, efficient wood-based I-beam systems and technical solutions. All production is located at Rundvik, near Umeå in Northern Sweden.

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A load-bearing outer wall constructed with wall studs from Masonite Beams gives good construction economy combined with excellent energy efficiency, as our studs result in minimal cold bridging to the loadbearing layer, which at the same time has insulation properties.

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Traditionally constructed floor with chipboard flooring, Masonite Beams I-beams, impact sound insulation, nailing batten and panel material below. The I-beam in the floor means low risk of creaking and simple hole-cutting for installations. 

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A roof constructed with I-beams from Masonite Beams is a highly cost-efficient alternative for creating well-insulated structures.

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"Masonite Beams are an advantageous alternative to a solid frame and provide the customer with lower energy consumption"

,  Tornedalshus AB

Why use Masonite I-beam


Easily handled products.

No shrinking

Glued components give minimal warping and shrinkage, even in long lengths and damp conditions.


Installations are easily accommodated by means of flexible and quick holecutting in the web. Beams can also be supplied ready-drilled, saving time and mooney on the building site.




Glued components give minimal warping and shrinkage, even in long lengths and damp conditions.

Long lengths

Standard lengths up to 12m.


Masonite Beams has good knowledge of the building process and can be at your service to find the most economical solution.


"Masonite Beams satisfy Our high quality demands for straight and pre-fabricated beams with short delivery times"

,  Attacus Jämtlandshus AB


Masonite Beams Technical brochure



"The benefits of Masonite Beams are less waste with light, straight, and long lengths, with good project planning and logistics if you are looking for cut-to-size products"

,  Tegsbyggen AB


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