Feel free to contact us ahead of your next construction project. Then we can make it easier for you to think sustainable, resource-efficient and efficient!

Postal address: Masonite Beams AB, Box 5, SE-914 29 Rundvik, Sweden
Visiting address: Masonite Beams AB, Strandvägen 36, SE-914 41 Rundvik, Sweden

Phone (switchboard): +46 (0) 930 - 399 00
Phone (loading/unloading): +46 (0) 930 - 399 25

E-mail: info@byggmagroup.se

Send your order to: order@byggmagroup.se

Quotations and technical support, contact: tekniksupport@byggmagroup.se 

Find us:

Take the road from the E4 exit through Rundvik. Drive past a large car park on the left, continuing straight ahead and through a sharp left-hand bend a little way further on. When you arrive at the gate, you can contact the person with whom you have arranged a meeting or reception (+46 (0)930-39925), and they will open the gate.

Drive straight ahead and take the first turn to the right. Follow the open passage straight ahead between the factory (on the left) and the warehouse (on the right). You should now have reached your destination, with the office building on the left.


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