Masonite Beams is an I-joist producer located in northern part of Sweden. Learn more about how to build and design with I-joist through our design instruction and learn more about I-joist as building material in our I-joist Handbook. Download any of our handbooks by using the links below.

Design Instruction

In our own design construction guide you'll find advice and guidance for building with I-joist. You will find span tables, instructions and building details. Download the latest version of our design guide for I-joist below. 

Download digital instruction

I-joist handbook

The I-joist handbook fills a long-standing gap within the Swedish field of timber engineering. This book is produced for active students, structural engineers, architects and others in the construction sector. The handbook covers information about how to design building with I-joist frames, production of I-joist, environmental aspects of I-joists, architectural opportunities with I-joists and the technical areas: acoustics, fire, energy and moisture.

The handbook is a comprehensive source of information for architects, designers, engineers, students and contractors about the I-joist building material.

Download our handbook