75% less heat loss

Walls built using Masonite Beams’ I-joist offer good building economy and are also excellent in terms of energy, as our web creates very small thermal bridges with the bearing layer that provides insulation at the same time. This means that good energy values are achieved for a relatively thin wall. The I-joist is therefore very good in low-energy and passive buildings.

Test reports show that the use of I-joists reduces heat losses by approximately 75% via thermal bridges and that the U-value is on average 15% lower than for conventional wooden stud structures. For a building with a wooden frame structure, the total energy consumption is thereby reduced by no less than 7% simply by using the I-joist instead of traditional solid web.       

20% increase in building efficiency

Masonite Beams’ wall stud is straight and dimensionally stable, while at the same time work processes for installation are simplified because wall studs can be manufactured in widths up to 400 mm. This avoids a structure with different stud thicknesses in order to achieve a thick, well-insulated wall.

Functionally adapted beams and tried and tested structures provide total building efficiency with minimal material waste. This makes it possible to achieve a 20% reduction in labour for the execution of a wall using I-joists compared with traditional solid studs.

47% less raw material for a sustainable environment

Because our I-joist uses narrow timber dimensions, approximately 47% less raw material is used compared with solid structural timber. At the same time, our wood-based I-joist has very low self-emissions.

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