Product benefits

Product benefits

Stricter environmental requirements and rising electricity prices make it more important than ever to choose building materials that are environment-friendly and energy-efficient. The simple fact that the raw material can be used so efficiently makes beams from Masonite Beams unique. Up to 80% of the wood’s volume is utilised. Because of the I-shape design of the I-Joist, thermal bridges are minimised and less material needs to be used. This results in lower energy costs and consequently lower household costs.


The environmental impact and resource utilisation are as low as possible, as narrow timber dimensions can be used. The web material is also manufactured from the sawmill’s by-products. This represents extremely effective utilisation of natural resources. As energy costs increase, the energy and environmental benefits of wood-based I-joists have become increasingly clear.

Our products have a number of economic and technical benefits compared with other material.

Standard lengths up to 13,3 m, but with the facility to produce up to 18 m.

The products are manufactured from carefully selected structural timber and special board material.

The significantly lighter weight compared with regular structural timber means products that are easy to handle.

Minimal warp and shrinkage from the effects of moisture through glued components.

Energy benefits
Superior heating economy through minimal thermal bridges. Thermal bridges, and thereby heat leakage, are less when using Masonite Beams’ products than with traditional building materials.

Environmental benefits
Lowest possible environmental impact and resource utilisation through the use of narrow timber dimensions. Resources are used efficiently in Masonite Beams’ products. Much less raw material is used than in traditional wooden frames.

Simple hole-cutting for installations
Simple execution of installations through smooth hole-cutting in the thin web. 
Making holes in the web in beams from Masonite Beams is quick and easy. If the customer wishes, the beams can also be supplied pre-drilled. This saves time and money, as the fitter can work more efficiently with shorter wiring runs and pipe bends.

Customised products for short construction time
If needed, Masonite Beams’ products can be adapted to meet the customer’s preferences for length, mitre cuts, insulation, hole-punching, etc. We prepare as much as possible so that time can be saved on the construction site. The I-joists are also easy to handle because of the light weight. This enables projects to be implemented quickly and efficiently.

No readjustments
The fact that Masonite Beams’ products are dimensionally stable and do not warp means that there is no need for expensive readjustments. Warped timber can cause problems after a time, such as creaking floors, leaks, etc. Using products from Masonite Beams means that the customer does not need to worry about having to make such adjustments.

Type-approved and checked
Masonite Beams’ lightweight I-joists and lightweight studs are type-approved both in Sweden and in many other European countries. Manufacturing is checked through an accredited control body.

Design and manufacturing are certified in accordance with SS-EN ISO 9001 and 
SS-EN ISO 14001.