Dimensional stability

A low proportion of homogeneous wood and glued components means that Masonite Beams’ I-joists have a high level of dimensional stability. The products are characterised by minimal warp, low shrinkage and a very straight product. 

The benefits of using I-joists, compared with traditional wooden floor structures, are numerous:

Even floors and walls - minimal risk of complaints

No visible gaps or cracks in the floor - satisfied end customers

No abnormally large movements that vary over the year - more secure waterproofing

Very small risk of creaking floors

Simple installations with 38% higher efficiency

Masonite Beams I-joists in floor structures provide for a simple execution of installations through simple hole-punching in the thin particle board web. Making holes in our beams is quick and easy. If the customer wishes, the beams can also be supplied customised from the factory.

Time and money is saved when a fitter can work more efficiently with shorter wiring runs and pipe bends. At the same time, functionally adapted beams and tried and tested structures offer total building efficiency with minimal material waste. This makes it possible to achieve a 38% reduction in labour for the execution of a floor structure using I-joists compared with traditional solid studs.

Floors with strict acoustic requirements

Apartment blocks and buildings with apartments separated by floor structures have high acoustic requirements in order to achieve good acoustic comfort between homes, e.g. in terms of impact sound and airborne sound. Masonite Beams has been working with research and development of acoustic solutions for floor structures for more than 30 years and still leads the way in this area. We offer solutions with I-joists in which tests show that our beams, despite their relatively simple design, achieve very good acoustic properties. Our sound floor structures can be combined with MFB patented floor structure hangers and Sylomer - cushions that effectively dampen vibrations and provide for easy installation.

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