Design and installation

Unique benefits

Masonite Beams’ products have unique benefits that can reduce costs for the user in several different areas. The light weight of the components makes them easy to handle and a project can be implemented quickly and efficiently. For example, a construction worker can carry our products without needing a crane. In other words, several work processes can be undertaken before cranes have to be used.

Masonite Beams can be pre-fabricated to the customers need in terms of lenght, mitre cuts, insulation, hole-cutting. The customer can have their products customized for a specific project. We prefabricate as much as possible, meaning that time can be saved at the construction site.

Different kinds of buildings

Our product makes it possible to build different type of buildings  such as single family houses, extensions, apartment buildings and multi story houses up to 8 floors.

Different construction methods

Our I-joist can be used as a supplement to steelframe or other building systems.

More technical solutions 

Find more technical solutions in our handbook, find details here or contact us at Masonite Beams here. 

Construction parts: fittings

G06 210 Joist hanger, standard
G06 220 Joist hanger for Masonite Beams I-Joist
G06 230 Joist hanger for Masonite Beams I-joist against glulam


Construction parts: joist structures

B02 100 Structure on insulated wall
B04 100 Web reinforcement under bearing wall 1
B04 105 Web reinforcement under bearing wall 2
B04 110 Web reinforcement under bearing wall 3
B04 115 Web reinforcement under bearing wall 4
B04 300 Cross bar beam over bearing wall
B05 100 Lintel with skew nailing
B05 200 Lintel with web reinforcement
B05 300 Web reinforcement on end support for fittings
B05 301 Web reinforcement for lintel
B06 400 Cantilevered balcony
B06 500 Supported balcony
B07 100 Thermal insulation
B09 200 Floor beam reinforced cut-out 1
B09 205 Floor beam reinforced cut-out 2
B09 210 Floor beam reinforced cut-out 3
B09 300 Floor beam placed on bottom flange steel beam 1
B09 305 Floor beam placed on bottom flange steel beam 2
B09 310 Floor beam placed on bottom flange steel beam 3

Construction parts: Roofs

T03 311 Loose eaves rafters with screws
T03 455 Reinforcement of recess part 2
T03 456 Reinforcement of recess part 3
T03 460 Reinforcement of recess part 4 
T03 465 Reinforcement of recess part 5
T03 616 Bevelled waling. Miscellaneous structures
T03 811 Installation of fittings 180x180 
T03 812 Installation of fittings 270x180 
T03 813 Skew nailing and screwing (valley joist) 


Construction parts: Walls

Y01 500          Basic design of insulation                         
Y04 011 Cutting at construction site
Y05 100 Wall opening without vertical load
Y06 105 Structure against ceiling
Y08 100 Additional insulation of external wall


Preconditions for capacities

Preconditions for capacities


Floor structures

Floor structures

Roofs structures

Roof structures


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